About Us

Physicians Care Health Plans (PCHP) was founded in 1995 to help employers provide a quality health benefit plan to their employees at an affordable price.  Since then, PCHP has helped hundreds of employers accomplish this goal.

Whether your group is large or small, local or national, Physicians Care has the resources to meet your employee health benefit needs today and in the future.

  • Physicians Care has more than 15,000 network providers in Michigan, and through our network partner relationships we can provide access to providers across the country.
  • We offer self-funded health benefit plans to mid-size and larger employers.
  • All of our health plans offer URAC-accredited utilization review and large-case management.
  • Disease management is also available to employers who want to add a proactive health-management approach to their benefit plans.  We can also provide wellness education and wellness incentive plans.
  • Consumer-directed plans are available through Physicians Care as well.
  • Physicians Care can assist you with many other group benefit plans, such as dental, vision, and flexible spending plans, as well as group disability and life insurance coverage.
  • Our Website, www.physicianscare.com, provides easy access to comprehensive health plan information 24 hours a day, seven days a week to authorized employers, covered persons, and providers.

At Physicians Care, we are committed to providing long-term health benefit plan solutions for our clients by striving for continual improvement and using the best business practices.

Thank you for visiting physicianscare.com  We look forward to serving your health care needs.

Chris Crowley


Company History

The Physicians Care Network, founded in 1995, has grown to include over 3,000 providers throughout West Michigan and more than 15,000 providers statewide. Find out how our network can save your company time and money with our efficient, flexible health plans and our innovative benefit approaches.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing high-quality employee health benefit plan alternatives and long-term health benefit plan solutions for our clients.


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