Agent Commission Schedule

How Agent Commissions Work at PCHP

At Physicians Care, commissions are paid to licensed agents according to a fixed schedule.  As an additional incentive for agents to build lasting relationships, PCHP also offers bonuses to those agents who work with us to serve a number of their clients.

Standard commission rates

Fully Insured Health Plans:

5.0% of the first $600,000 in annual premium
2.0% of $600,001 to $1,000,000 in annual premium
1.0% of annual premium over $1,000,000

Self-Funded Health Benefit Plans:

As requested & agreed

Bonus Commission Rates  

Fully Insured Health Plans:

(for new groups written 07/01/06 and after)

3 groups and minimum of 50 covered employees = 110% of standard commission
5 groups and minimum of 75 covered employees = 120% of standard commission                            


For more information on agent commission opportunities at Physicians Care, call Agent Services at (800) 968-3033 or send us an e-mail today.