Health Plans
Funding Options

Paying a fully insured premium provides budgeting certainty and the piece of mind of a fixed cost for your health benefit plan.  However, the economic advantages of self-funding merit consideration by most employers.

All but the smallest companies can consider self-funding, as well as insuring health benefits.  Even small employers might want to consider our offering of a traditional high-deductible insured health plan and pairing it with a Medical Reimbursement Arrangement (MRA).  Self-funding is often the most economical way to provide your employees with health benefits.  Physicians Care offers the highest quality package of services available for self-funded plans.

We can help determine whether insuring or self-funding is most appropriate for your company by reviewing a current employee census, claims experience if available, or premium rate history.  For more information on a custom-designed self-funded plan, talk to your agent, call Physicians Care, or send us an e-mail today.