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Health Management

Helping Employees Help Themselves

Health Management programs help individuals realize that they are in control of their own health and should take serious note of how their current lifestyle choices may affect them in the future.  The fact is that most people could add five to 10 years or more to their life expectancy by choosing to follow good health practices.

Health Management programs are both proactive and reactive, helping to achieve the following:

  • Control costs through efficient disease-management programs
  • Avoid costs by monitoring and educating pre-disease participants
  • Create more health-conscious plan participants

Tangible benefits of a health-management program include a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce and the return on investment that can result when the costs of chronic diseases, including prescription drugs and surgeries, are lowered.  These benefits and more are possible when employees participate in the following:

  • On-site health screenings
  • Health risk assessments
  • Disease Management / Health Coaching
  • Wellness Education Classes

Through the information gathered from the health screenings and health risk assessments, Physicians Care makes recommendations on how to best address the serious health risks that exist in your covered group.

All of these efforts are intended to engage and empower participants, help them be accountable for their health, and give them direction for living a healthier life.

Making Health Management Work

At Physicians Care, members of our professional clinical staff – nurses or physician assistants – administer the on-site health screenings, health risk assessments, on-site health and wellness education, and disease-management coaching.  These professionals are supported by our medical director, pharmacy director, and clinical oversight committee of physicians.  Combined, these professionals have the experience and capability to address concerns in both an individual and group atmosphere.

To Find Out More

Establishing a health-management program could revitalize your company’s overall health and help control health care benefit costs for years to come.  To find out more, call Physicians Care or send us an e-mail today.